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MAAFA Redemption Project

What is MAAFA?

The Kiswahili word “MAAFA,” translated as “great disaster or terrible occurrence,” is commonly used to refer to the tragic history of the Transatlantic African Slave Trade, and its ensuing effects on people of African descent.

Who We Are

The MAAFA Redemption Project is an initiative based in West Garfield Park (Chicago), recruiting at-risk emerging adult men from the area to invest in them with housing, employment, educational opportunities, and evidence-based wrap-around social services.

Mission Statement

We are the men of the MAAFA Redemption Project. We recognize that we cannot redeem our families and communities until we first redeem ourselves. Therefore, our mission is to invest in the mind, body and spirit so that we may repair and rebuild our city, one life at a time. 

Community & Corporate Sponsors

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